Where does happiness come from?
No one knows exactly. But thanks to years of research, we now know a lot about simple ways to lead a happier life.

What is Appiness?

We created Appiness as an exercise program for your soul. Happiness is like a muscle and it becomes stronger, more enduring, and easier to use the more you exercise it.

Appiness is built around new research from The Science of Happiness, UC Berkeley, California. Happiness is an experience, not a state. The key to a happier life is to open yourself to those experiences, and to look for them where they’re most commonly found, every day.

How does Appiness work?

Appiness uses a scientific approach to everyday life. We built it around daily exercises with time honored and proven techniques. If you find yourself procrastinating a task you can use the Motivate me button to get you back on track. The rewards increase everyday, but so does the difficulty.

Appiness is available at the App store. The first five exercises and their impact on your mood are free. Use them again and again if you want, they’ll work great. You can get sixteen more exercises for $1. The profit of Appiness will go to charity.

A few words to start your journey:

– Take a deep breath. Right now.
– Sometimes it will be scary. This isn’t Candy Crush.
– Reward yourself after every challenge.

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